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Plants and shrubs play important complimentary roles in a lawn. Installing plants and shrubbery must be done

carefully as placement is crucial. Shrubs are difficult to remove and replant if initially placed incorrectly. Plant

options vary greatly as well, depending on number, location, and placement of the plants on the lawn. Plant

and shrubbery layouts and designs are vital to the rest of the lawn and landscaping process. Our certified

landscaping professionals can discuss the specific options during your free in-home estimate.



Pro-Lawn Landscaping offers several lawn care and maintenance packages. Packages include (but

are not limited to):


Mowing - Grass will be mowed as necessary to keep it at the level you desire.


Pruning - Dead or dying leaves and branches removed, also jutting branches removed to maintain the

clean neat look of the lawn.


Leaf Removal - Especially during autumn months, falling leaves will be collected and disposed of

properly, with no hassle for you.


Winterization - The entire lawn (plants, shrubs, trees, etc) are prepared for the winter months, taking

measures to minimize cold-weather damage to your lawn.


Spring Start-Ups - Similar to the winterization process (except in reverse), your lawn in prepared for

the upcoming warm months to maximize growth and beauty.


Floriculture - Additions such as bowls, bulbs, vases, and flower beds added tastefully to give your

lawn garden a classic look.


Plant Design - We layout of plant and shrubbery designs, building upon existing features of your

business, or create custom designs specifically for your needs.


Lawn and Garden Care and Maintenance - We provide many lawn services including mowing,

pruning, leaf removal, and general garden and lawn design ideas.


Turf Weed Control - The most effective method of controlling lawn weeds is to maintain a dense

and vigorously growing turf cover. Weeds are often an indication

of problems in the grass plant environment, and killing the weeds

without correcting the underlying problem will lead to

unsatisfactory results.