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AAbout Pro-Lawn

Mulching - We will trim any bushes or tress and remove any weeds then we will install a fresh new edge to the flowerbeds to

help keep the much or pine straw into the flowerbeds. After the flowerbeds are finished being cleaned we will either install mulch,

Pine-Straw or a natural Stone. This

will bring attention to your property

all season long.


Our Mulch Blower will blow bark,

mulch or soil into beds, play

areas, or anywhere up to 150 feet

from the truck (250 feet in special

circumstances). This unique system

is ideal for hard to reach areas, steep

slopes, or narrow yards. Our long

reach hoses greatly reduce damage

to surface grades and minimize

disruption of new plantings.


One vehicle with two attendants can

spread 40 cubic yards of material in

about 3 hours including clean-up.


Finished jobs are evenly covered and

neatly finished. All you need to do is p

repare the areas by weeding and having

them free of unwanted materials, or we can help you with that as well.. It's easy to see that our "Mulch Services" is a great advantage for anyone who

wants to avoid the backbreaking job of spreading materials.


Pro-Lawn's Lawn Care Blower Service, using a Finn Blower, replaces dozens of workers and cuts your job time into a fraction of what it used to be. Our

trained and professional operators can apply material quickly and evenly, saving you as much as 20% to 30% in material costs alone. We can work

year round, in any weather, because there's no damage to the terrain with blower hoses as compared to the high traffic of workers and wheelbarrows. If

you have any questions or would like to have us give you an estimate on your next project please give Pro-Lawn Lawn Care a call and we will be happy

to answer any questions you may have. We also have special rates on larger projects as well, call for more details.