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Pro-Lawn Services

Keeping your preferences in mind Pro- Lawn Landscape, Inc. will create an outdoor living space that is aesthetically pleasing as well as practical and

functional. We will provide design and construction for your project as well as maintain your plant material. We only work with the top nurseries in our

area, and provide a one year warranty on all plant systems we install. A beautiful, well-built design

is aesthetically pleasing, and also increases property value of your home. We offer various plant,

tree, and shrubbery options, please call us or submit a request form to find out which plants are

available at any given time.


Plants and shrubs play important complimentary roles in a lawn. Installing plants and shrubbery

must be done carefully as placement is crucial. Shrubs are difficult to remove and replant if initially

placed incorrectly. Plant options vary greatly as well, depending on number, location, and

placement of the plants on the lawn. Plant and shrubbery layouts and designs are vital to the rest

of the lawn and landscaping process. Our certified landscaping professionals can discuss the

specific options during your free in-home estimate.


Pro-Lawn Landscape, Inc. Contractors can help you with all types of grading issues, such as

water shedding or water holding problems. Ditches and Swales are also common problems that

Pro-Lawn is experienced in correcting. Improperly flowing water can cause serious problems to

landscapes, such as pooling water, muddy lawns, and damaged hardscapes and patios. Pro-Lawn

installs fully functional water drainage systems to preserve the quality of your lawn. Pro-Lawn

Landscaping can also repair most damaged water drainage systems that are already in place,

however severely damaged or corroded systems may require Pro Lawn Landscapers to completely

remove an old system and replace it with a new functional one. For more information on water

drainage installation packages, please submit an estimate request form, or call our office to speak

with a representative.


Winterization is a process of removing the Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) of an irrigation system to

prevent the water pressure from bursting the pipes. The spring startup is the actual replacement of

the RPZ back into the system. This is done by meticulously going through th entire irrigation system zone by zone, checking the heads, and ensuring

they are all adjusted properly. The last step is to start the clock up by adjusting the times on each zone, and making sure the components are

functioning properly and that the battery is working in the backup program.


We provide the following services:




Natural area clean-up and bed edging

Plant Installation



Mulching (We can provide you with several kinds of mulch)

Turf Weed Control

Annual and Perennial beds

Annual Maintenance Contracts