Got A Drainage Problem? We’ve Got A Solution

Water is absolutely vital to lawn maintenance—but if it’s not flowing properly it can cause serious drainage problems. From muddy lawns to damaged hardscapes and patios, it’s essential you remove excess water from the landscape surrounding your home or business. At Pro-Lawn, we can help. As a leading landscaping company with years of experience, we offer effective solutions to water problems big and small, preserving the beauty of your lawn for years to come.


Pro-Lawn can help you with all types of grading issues, such as water shedding or water holding problems. Ditches and Swales are also common problems that Pro-Lawn is experienced in correcting.


Because we’re a landscaping company focused on the customer, Pro-Lawn designs drainage systems for you. Following an in-person consultation where we define your lawn’s problem areas, we get to work tailoring a system that fully addresses your landscape’s individual needs.


Our landscape design professionals can install fully functional water drainage systems, as well as repair most damaged water drainage systems that are already in place—however severely damaged or corroded systems may require us to completely remove an old system and replace it with a functional one.