We Handle All Of Your Irrigation Needs

Because water is essential to keeping your lawn lush, healthy, and green, a quality sprinkler system can make all the difference. At Pro-Lawn, quality is what you get. We provide customers with state-of-the art irrigation systems tailored to meet the needs of their home or business. Installation is quick, efficient, and cost-effective because Pro-Lawn is built on honest business principles and customer satisfaction. We’ll be there to lend a hand and provide repair or maintenance services the moment they’re needed.


While anyone can dig a hole, lay pipe, and connect it to a water source, it takes a licensed irrigation contractor to ensure that everything that works well on day one will still be doing so six months or two years later. As a trusted landscaping services company, Pro-Lawn takes great pride in each and every system we design and install. Our sprinkler systems are customized to your specifications, with installation taking one to two days on average.


All systems need to be down in winter. To minimize cold-weather damage, your entire lawn will undergo winterization, a process of removing excess water from your irrigation system to prevent pipes from bursting during the winter months. Once springtime rolls around, most customers are able to simply turn it back on themselves, however we do offer the service of opening systems for the season. The quality of the products used initially, and of the overall installation, play an important part in the long term service of the system. The better the products and installation, the less trouble you should expect in the future. Lucky for you, Pro-Lawn Landscape uses the finest products available in the industry.